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Parvin Shere
Pearls from the Ocean

Painting Title (right): "Unreal" Oil on canvas. 18"x 24" (Machu Picchu, South America)

Sunday April 27, 2:00 pm
Grant Park in the Atrium

Featured speakers this evening include Ray Dirks: Writer, Curator (Winnipeg Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery), Curator of exhibits featuring art from around the world, Invited Research Fellow at Yale University (2002); Professor Dr.Jon Gerrard: Medical doctor, Member of Parliament from 1993 to 1997, Ex Secretary of State and former leader of Manitoba Liberal Party; Professor Catherine Hunter: Poet, Novelist, Critic, Professor of Creative Writing and Former Chair Department of English (University of Winnipeg)

Parvin Shere's new publication is a coffee table book based on her inner feelings of her recent travel to South Africa, Swaziland and Peru. It is focused on Apartheid and Inca civilization, included with related poetry and oil paintings of those places.

According to renowned critics, poets and scholars, “Rarely do we come across such a person who has equal dexterity and masterful control over two or three fine arts simultaneously. This publication can not and should not be construed as a travelogue merely in its generic sense. It is a projection of her inner voice, of her agonies and anxieties beset by unmediated observations of atrocities perpetuated by fascistic forces ruthlessly operating to meet their ulterior motives. It unequivocally betrays the innate designs of the colonizers, the so called flag bearers of peace, progress, philanthropy, democracy and freedom of speech. Parvin herself has seen the prisons in South Africa which, she thinks, were the graves of living men. She has recreated the phases of history that still bleed. Her travel to Peru, South America has enriched it with matchless beauty and archeological bounty despite the poverty and backwardness looming large over. Parvin accommodates all possible colours from the remotest corners of her experience and has attributed a tongue to each one".

Poet, writer, painter, and musician Parvin Shere studied Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba. She is the author of two previous collections of poetry and paintings, Fragments and Raindrops on Parched Land. Both books were awarded “Best Book of the Year” in U.S.A, England and India. Parvin's visual art has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and has received many awards, including a Manitoba Arts Council Project Grant. She is the recipient of a UNICEF award for helping the needy through her art and publications and was nominated for the prestigious Woman of Distinction Award in Winnipeg. Her global travel to 20 countries and five continents has enriched her creative vision and expanded the horizons of her literary concerns.

The proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the education of under privileged children.

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